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SF-1A(ZOB-10) SF-1A(ZOB-10) special bearing for shock absorber


1.Three layers material specially designed for shock absorbers of middle- and high-grade cars and motorcycles
2.Long life
3.High wear resistance
4.Excellent self-lubricating performance
5.In low-speed reciprocating motion,
Friction Coef. is lower than normal three-layer composite bearing;
Friction fluctuation is smaller;
Effectively solve the crawling problem of shock absorber and make the shock absorption effect smoother.

1.Material upgrade
Adding the high-performance self-lubricating materials including polyimide and polybenzoate etc. wear resistance improved
The added self-lubricating materials can protect the shaft well, pull on the piston rod reduced, leaking oil of the shock absorber prevented.
2.Design of taper on the lubrication surface
Shorten the initial running-in time in practical use and further improve the service life of the shock absorber.

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Technical Parameter

Max load pressure: 140N/mm2     

Friction Coef. μ: 0.03-0.18

Applicable temperature : -195℃-280℃      

Maximum allowable PV value (dry): 4.3Nmm²·m/s

Max sliding speed: 10m/s           

Max allowable PV value (oil): 60N/mm²·m/s 

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