Intelligent mechanical joints support efficient operation


In the aerospace industry, every detail is important. This is because even small shortcomings will affect cost, passenger experience and safety. From productivity and uptime to passenger safety and comfort.

Application of our lightweight and maintenance-free sliding bearings: Landing gears, Flight control, Engines, Passenger seats and a variety of tailored bearing applications. Application of engineering plastic bearings and metal polymer bearings --Aircraft interior, including: Seats, Hinges, Latches, Overhead luggage compartments.


Landing gear: strut, actuator, pivot
Cockpit control
Wing, trailing edge: flap, spoiler
Wing, leading edge: slat
Hydraulic fuel pump
Flight control system: aileron, rudder, elevator
Electric actuator
Engine: guide vane, valve, fuel system, generator, pump
Cabin door: passenger cabin, cargo bay
Aircraft interiors: seat, overhead compartment, cargo bay floor, latch, hinge

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