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Other series

The other series of bearings are self-lubricating bearings in addition to the three major products, including The following types of bearings with different production technologies. Two-layer adhesive; Three-layer adhesive; Sintered embedded; Press sintering; Surface spray coating. They’re supplementary products for the three major bearings and a new product suitable for the development of emerging fields, with the purpose of meeting customers' special working conditions.

Company advantage: Strong R&D in new product; ; Sufficient technical personnel; Complete application of digital technology; Knowledge on the principle of tribology, solid-lubricant technology, high polymer materials, metal science and other multi-disciplinary research and trial production; New product can work stably for a long time under various harsh working conditions, such as extreme high temperature, extreme low temperature, high speed, heavy load. Special fields can be met including aerospace, military, wind power, new energy, nuclear radiation, deep sea, field maintenance free and other environmental conditions.

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