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SF-1W(P4) SF-1W(P4) high-performance lead free oilless bearing

Three layers:
1.Steel back
2.Sintered porous bronze powder layer
3.Rolled mixture of PTFE and environment-friendly polymer

1.lead free
2.excellent wear resistance
3.High bond strength between PTFE layer and copper layer
4.Good fatigue resistance and impact resistance
5.Can completely replaced SF-1X, SF-1T, SF-1P, and SF-1D

1.Passed 1 million impact test of CBK1 pump from Changjiang Hydraulic Parts Factory
2.Passed 1 million times bench test of Shanchuan Shock Absorber Co., Ltd.
3.PTFE layer of the bushing after the test remains intact and basically has no wear.

The product has been tested and tried for two years, and is well accepted by the customers. This product is a new product originally created by the Company and its quality level is in a leading position in China.

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Technical Parameter

Max load pressure: 140N/mm2       
Friction coef. μ: 0.03-0.18
Applicable temperature: -195℃-280℃      
Max allowable PV value (dry): 4.3Nmm²·m/s 
Max sliding speed: 10m/s             
Max allowable PV value (oil): 60N/mm²·m/s 

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