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SF-1T SF-1T bearing for gear pump

1.Developed on the basis of SF-1X material
2.Designed according to the working conditions of high PV value of gear pump.
3.The quality level is in the leading position in China.

1.Good anti-fatigue performance
2.Excellent anti-impact performance
3.Suits for gear pump with pressure of 16-25MPa, and the line speed of 3.5-5m/s.
4.Under the fluid lubrication condition, the PV value can reach 120N/mm².
5.Passed the 1 million impact test of CBK1 pump from Changjiang Hydraulic Parts Factory
6.Suits for all kinds of gear pumps, piston pumps and vane pumps

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Technical Parameter

Max load pressure: 140N/mm²      

Friction Coef. μ: 0.03-0.18

Applicable temperature : -195-280℃     

Max allowable PV value (dry): 4.3N/mm²·m/s

Max sliding speed: 10m/s        

Max allowable PV value (oil): 60N/mm²·m/s 

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