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JDB-1 JDB-1 high-strength brass with solid-lubricant embedded bearing

Structure: Casted high strength brass -- embedded with graphite or MoS2

1.It breaks through the limitations of general bearings depending on oil film lubrication.
2.During use, the solid lubricant is rubbed against the shaft through frictional heat, forming an excellent condition for the coexistence of oil and powder lubrication, which not only protects the shaft from wear, but also makes the solid lubricant persist.
3.Hardness is twice higher than normal copper bushing,
4.Wear-resistant performance is also twice higher than normal type.

Application :High-temperature, high-load, low-speed and heavy-load occasions including
1.Metallurgical continuous casting machines
2.Train supports
3.Steel rolling equipment
4.Mining machinery
6.Gas turbines

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Technical Parameter

Base material: CuZn25A16Fe3Mn3        

Ultimate dynamic load: 100N/mm²

Base hardness: HB210-245              

Friction Coef. μ: 0.04-0.16

Max operating temperature: 300               

Max sliding speed: 0.4m/s (dry) 5m/s (oil)

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