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JDB-5 JDB-5 bearing steel with solid-lubricant embedded bearing

Structure :Bearing steel base—solid lubricant embedded

1.A reinforced product with high compression resistance
2.Lubricating particles discharge during working, a layer of membrane is produced between the shaft and the bushing
3.Superior anti-seizure performance than monomer material with oil lubrication

1.Lifting machinery support ( recommended)
2.Hoister support
3.Crane support

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Technical Parameter

Base material: GCr15          

Ultimate dynamic load: 250N/mm²

Base hardness: HRC58-60

Friction Coef. μ: 0.04-0.17         

Max sliding speed: 0.1m/s

Max operating temperature: 350    

Maximum PV value: 2.5N/mm²·m/s

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