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SF-2X SF-2X boundary lubricating bearing

1.Steel back --sintered porous bronze powder- modified polyformaldehyde (POM)
2.With oil identations

1.Suitable for places with low speed and medium load under normal temperature
2.Reduce costs
3.Extend service life
4.Save the refueling frequency
5.Simplify the replacement procedure

1.Automobile chassis
2.Forging machine tools
3.Metallurgical mining machinery
4.Engineering machinery
5.Water and electricity
6.Steel rolling industry

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Technical Parameter

Max load pressure: 70N/mm²           

Friction Coef. μ: 0.05-0.25

Applicable temperature : -40℃-130℃       

Max allowable PV value dry: 22N/mm²·m/s

Max sliding speed: 2.5m/s 

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